SirinHGpole-Grid: About English version


The Grid is hosted on server with 64Go, 8 cores,Ubuntu 12.04 (DataCenter OVH on Canada) by "SirinHGpole Hosting services" 
Powered by opensimulator (
The grid is run phase test Alpha, no-commercial, Hypergrid and Open.
Attention please: The director, owner, the hoster of the grid can not be held responsible for the loss of assets from users in case of malfunction
  1. my domain replaces the IP: 
  2. licensing CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  3. Nickname and logo: SirinHGgrid
  4. image
  5. A Home for new citizens on the region: Abord HG: 
  6. Language: French and English 
  7. Support Contact:
  • Shop to make his avatar CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 
  • Sandbox for the first step for new avatars, using the PC keyboard, use to build ... 
  • Place of Tourism: orientation and teleport to regions in world and other grids via hypergrid 
  • Places outdoors discussions with voice chat only on plot
  • Amphitheater allows citizens to create an event, a presentation or otherwise.



My goal is to get to a world theme: humanitarian, health care, social care by presentations of non-profit associations.
I work on a project using a 3D world that will permit the dumping of person with autism spectrum disorders. This will permit them to perceive our world view and learning links, social code. And especially vice versa
Best regards
sirin Peccable

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